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Chills & Creeps

Seven scary stories

VOL. 1

In this collection you'll meet Elliot, who wakes up in a strange hospital without any memory, Mary, who gets a very special pet fish that will only eat human flesh, and Eagle, who suffers from a rare disease, which makes birds attack him where ever he goes, and four other scary stories.

2019, 146 pages, horror & mystery


(From the story All birds hate me)

Eagle is sweating heavily when he finally bends over to catch his breath. He is sore in many places from where the swans pinched him. He has abrasions on his palms from the crash, and his pants got a pretty big tear.

“What the hell got into them?” he whispers.

Of course, he’d like to think that the swans attacked him because he came too close to their nest, and not because …

The pills have stopped working.

On the other hand, it’s pretty well known that swans are aggressive. It’s not uncommon for them to even attack humans.

Yeah, that’s probably it. It’s got to be.

Eagle feels a bit calmer. It makes sense. Of course the medicine is still working. And he took a pill just before he left home.

Still, he doesn’t go back to get the bike. It can wait for tomorrow. If someone steals it, so be it. It was kind of old anyway.

Eagle walks through the streets. Lark lives twenty minutes away. He reaches the pedestrian street. The stores are empty behind dark windows. He catches his own reflection. He looks terrible. He stops to brush off the jacket and fix his hair. It helps a little bit, but he still looks like someone who just got—

“What are you looking at?”

Eagle looks around, startled. He’s prepared to meet someone who has snuck up on him. But the street is completely empty.

“Hello?” he asks hesitantly. “Is someone here?”

No answer.

The voice sounded kind of like that of a child, except it was weirdly distorted.

Eagle shakes his head. It must’ve been his imagination. He’s about to walk on, when the voice comes again.

“What time is it?”

This time Eagle is able to determine that the voice comes from inside the store. He looks in through the glass. A tiny orange eye is starring back.

Eagle lets out a gasp and steps back. Then, he realizes that the eye belongs to a parrot. It’s sitting in a cage. The shop is a pet shop. Eagle smiles with relief.

The parrot opens its crooked beak and squawks: “I seeeee you.”

Of course, the bird is just repeating things the owner has taught it to say.

Eagle taps the glass. “You don’t know what you’re saying, do you? You’re just a stupid bird.”

The parrot shakes its feathers and exclaims something akin to laughter. The sound makes the hair in the back of Eagle’s head stand up. The bird must’ve learned the noise by listening to people laugh.

Then, it says: “You’re the stupid one.”

Eagle frowns. “Do you ... do you understand what I’m saying?”

The parrot doesn’t answer. Instead, it crackles: “Are you afraid? Are you afraid? Are you afraid of the swans?”

Eagle’s lungs are all of a sudden unable to take in air. He stumbles backwards. “What ... what did you say?”

The parrot flaps its wings as though to take off. “We’ll get you. Before the night is over. We’ll get you.” It throws back its head and breaks out into the fake laughter once more.

Eagle starts running down the street. Faster and faster, until he’s sprinting. He only stops when he can’t run anymore. He leans against a lamppost and heaves for breath.

It can’t be real. He didn’t just meet a parrot that made threatening remarks towards him. It’s too far out. It simply can’t be—


Eagle looks up. On top of the lamppost sits a pigeon. It looks down at him curiously.

Oh no … not you too.

Eagle slowly walks on. He doesn’t take his gaze of the pigeon. The bird’s eyes follow him. It’s like a stare contest: Who will look away first?

Something big and grey comes swooping through the air and whizzes close past Eagle’s head. He screams and ducks down ...

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